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TPS Update: Relaxation of uniform requirements

Given the potential for shifts between distance and in-person learning in the 2020-2021 school year, we are relaxing student uniform requirements. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has created or increased the economic challenges that some of our families face. We hope that relaxing the uniform requirements will provide some relief for parents as we prepare for an uncertain school year. If you have uniforms and wish to use them, you are welcome to do so. If you are in a situation where you would prefer not to purchase uniforms, your school leaders will be supportive of that decision as well.

If you need support with food, clothing, housing, utilities, or social services referrals, contact United Way 211 by texting “211OK” to the number 898-211 or calling 2-1-1 from your mobile device.

 Our district dress code will remain in effect, and you can find those guidelines on our website. For more information about planning for the 2020-2021 school year, visit

Actualización de TPS: El uso del uniforme escolar no será obligatorio

Dado los posibles cambios entre el aprendizaje presencial y a distancia en el año escolar 2020-2021, el uso de los uniformes escolares no será obligatorio. Sabemos que la pandemia de COVID-19 ha creado o aumentado los desafíos económicos que enfrentan algunas de nuestras familias. Esperamos que esta decisión proporcione cierto alivio a los padres mientras nos preparamos para un año escolar incierto. Si tiene uniformes y desea usarlos, puede hacerlo. Si se encuentra en una situación en la que preferiría no comprar uniformes, los líderes de su escuela también apoyarán esa decisión. 

Si necesita ayuda de alimentos, ropa, vivienda, servicios públicos o servicios sociales, comuníquese con United Way 211 enviando un mensaje de texto con el mensaje "211OK" al número 898-211 o llamando al 2-1-1 desde su dispositivo móvil.

Nuestro código de uniformes del distrito seguirá vigente y puede encontrarlo en nuestro sitio web. Para obtener más información sobre la planificación para el año escolar 2020-2021, visite


  • Polo shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve
  • Polo shirts are defined as a shirt with two or three buttons with a collar.
  • Shirts should have collars, but if at-shirt is worn it must be solid and uniform color
  • Polos may be any solid color. No writing, stripes, or patterns
  • Undershirts will be allowed only if they match the color of polo, white or black
  • Shirts must be hemmed, an appropriate length and tucked in for grades 2-6


  • Pants and shorts should fit properly in all areas (not oversized). Waistbands are to be fitted at the waist, no sagging will be allowed.
  • No denim, fringed hem, stretch or wind-pants. Pants and shorts must be hemmed .
  • Shorts must extend below the fingertips when the child is standing with hands to their sides
  • Belts must be brown or black, no designed buckle , must always be shown. Although it is preferable that all students wear a belt, third through sixth grade students are required to wear a belt.
  • Navy, khaki, tan, grey or black.

Dresses, Skirts & Jumpers

  • Length must extend below the fingertips when the child is standing with hands to their sides.
  • Jumpers must have a school colored shirt underneath
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Navy, khaki, tan, or black


  • Prefer all shoes to be closed toe with socks
  • No flips flops or slides

Jackets & Coats

  • Sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom as long as they are school uniform colors. No logos on the sweatshiit unless it is the school emblem.
  • Heavy coats, hoodies and jackets need to stay in lockers
  • Hoodies are not allowed in the classrooms
  • No jackets/coats or hoodies are allowed in the cafeteria


Tights & Leggings

  • Tights/leggings/shorts should be worn under a skirt or dress
  • They are not to be worn as pants alone


Costume headbands are not allowed. ​All jewelry and hair accessories should be modest
and not distract from learning. The teacher may choose to have scholars remove any pieces that become a distraction. Hats, jackets, jackets with hoods and hoodies are not to be worn inside the building.

PTA $1 Jeans Day

Scholars are allowed to wear plain blue jeans on Tuesday's is they donate a $1.00 to PTA.

Friday Spirit Jeans day

Scholars are allowed to wear plain blue jeans on Friday's with a school uniform shirt or Peary Spirit Shirt.  

Free Dress Day​

On free dress days for special incentives, scholars may wear any school appropriate clothes they choose.
However, shoes still need to be closed toe. Make sure all shorts, skirts and shorts are appropriate lengths. No profanity, costumes, or pajamas. Shoulder straps must be a minimum of the width of two fingers of the person wearing the garment.

***Adjustments to the dress code may be made for special events.***